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Maybe we're a little spoiled...

Imagine graduating from high school in 1930. The economy has crashed. Crashed. Not just a dip in the stock market that slows things down. You'll be lucky to find a job and even luckier to hold onto it over the next six years. You'll probably be supported by the one person in your family who has managed to not get laid off.

Then, in 1937, if you live in Louisville, KY, or any other town along the Ohio River, you are forced from your home by the Great Flood, forced to stay with extended family or strangers, forced to find what you can to eat. All to go home a month later and repair everything the flood has destroyed.

Then, in 1942, you are drafted or enlist in one of the armed services and leave home and country to fight a war you didn't start. You'll consider yourself lucky to make it back in 1945.

All in fifteen years. Fifteen years of hardship, sacrifice, and being grateful to have made it through. And you're only 33.

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